June 24, 2024
Cecilia PearsonThe Baby Lady, Founder and CEO of Babypalooza
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FOX 6 Segment: Thanksgiving with kids
WHTN Nov2022

FOX 6 Segment: Thanksgiving with kids

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Thanksgiving is almost here. As you put the finishing touches on the big day, whether that’s finalizing travel plans or preparing to host, don’t forget the kiddos.

BabyPalooza has several ideas when it comes to planning family-friendly fun. Founder, Cecelia Pearson says it’s important to think about these ideas ahead of time so the holiday goes smoothly.

“When you have children pre-planning is the key to success,” Cecilia Person told News 19.

She has six ideas for creating family fun on Thanksgiving:

  1. Gratitude Jar or Tree
  2. Storytelling Hour
  3. Talent Show
  4. Karaoke
  5. Fun Activities at the Kids’ Table
  6. Scavenger Hunt

She says creating a gratitude jar or tree is a great way to teach kids about gratitude. Pearson says it is also a way to get to know children and family members, adding it could surprise parents to hear what their kids are grateful for.

As a way to engage and communicate with family members, Pearson recommends a story hour.

During this time grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members can share life stories. For example, she says people can share their favorite memory.

Pearson says kids love to perform. People can plan a talent show for the holiday. She says hosts can let their guests know about show in advance for they can prepare.

To keep kids entertained at dinner, Pearson says it can be a good idea to have activities at the kids table. Parents can print out coloring book pages or even cover the table in butcher paper.


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